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If you are able to volunteer (before, during, and/or after the science fair), please let us know. We need more volunteers to make TCRSF even better! Questions? Email us at volunteers@tcrsf.net or call (Contact Us). Groups of volunteers may also sign up to work together. Email or call. We are an all-volunteer 501C3 educational non-profit.

We would prefer volunteers to register online so we have appropriate contact information. You may email or call us to update your registration preferences if that is helpful.

We would prefer volunteers work for a minimum of 3 hours. Some of the tasks below are longer. In those cases, some volunteers may prefer to work only part of the task time.

2021 is totally different than normal, so we are still developing the work flow needed for a virtual fair.

We need volunteers to review student entries for safety and compliance with the rules - you would get to work from a check list. You would not be disqualifying any students, but rather draw attention to anything that needs to be edited. It is not difficult, but is necessary. (examples: photos or diagrams must be credited with the source, no photos of surgical procedures would be on display, no awards and no endorsements can be on the student site, etc.)

Any adult with science or engineering skills may be able to help judge. We need judges for our online research paper competition February 5-16, 2021 (reading and scoring papersonline at your leisure according to a provided rubric) Our Display and Safety review of student entries is scheduled for February 16-18, 2021 (online).  Round 1 of project judging is scheduled for February 19-24, 2021. Round 1 will be judging of the materials and videos provided by the students. Think of round 1 as a pre-judging round. Round 2 will be live on-line interaction between students and judges on Friday, February 26, 2021. The awards ceremony is planned for Sunday, February 28, 2021.

We also have need for volunteers who like to do social media content - and volunteers with a science background to read student research plans (to determine what safety and pre-approval documentation levels are required).


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